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Live From Soul City

Live From Soul City

SKU: 859724432440

Mark Gibson and his band shine on this 13 track live album. Recorded live at Soul City in Tulsa, it features songs from his previous albums "Blue Eyed Soul", and "Beautifully Deconstructed." It also contains two new songs, "Such a Shame" and "Somebody Told Me." Released on February 3rd, 2018. 



1. Our Religion 2. Something to Cry For 3. Such a Shame 4. Blue Eyed Soul 5. Nothing is Ever Gonna Change 6. Motown Kind of Love 7. Love Will Find a Way 8. Women Control the World 9. Somebody Told Me 10. The Words are Falling Out 11. Sunday Morning Blues 12. I Want You Badly 13. I Got Soul

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