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Mark Gibson is a singer/songwriter from Tulsa, OK. Over the years, he's been in solo and band projects that contained a wide array of sounds and influences. After the release of his first solo album, "Beautifully Deconstructed," (2012) which still contained influences of bands like U2 and Coldplay, he decided it was time to define his own sound. Gibson's love for music began with the guitar, so it seemed like the right place to start. He quickly realized that when he just played for himself at home, he naturally played bluesy and soul-tinged riffs. He decided to explore those sounds further, and what he discovered was a more rhythmic and soulful approach to playing and songwriting. When he played and sang in that manner, it felt like he was coming home. In 2016, Gibson released his sophomore album Blue Eyed Soul, and it represented four years of writing and playing the type of music that he loved. Throughout 2017 he recorded a few live shows at Soul City (Tulsa) and released a full-length live album Live From Soul City on February 3rd, 2018. The album showcased a seven piece band of wonderful Tulsa and Oklahoma City musicians. It's raw and emotive; everything you'd expect from a soul band. Gibson lived in Cincinnati 

   "Memphis Belle" featured on NPR 89.5 Folk Salad. 

   "Hymn for America (Change)" featured on NPR 89.5 Folk Salad. 

  "Such a Shame" featured on Oklahoma Rock Show KOSU 91.7.  

   "Sunday Morning Blues" featured on NPR 89.5 Folk Salad. 

  "I Got Soul" featured on Oklahoma Rock Show KOSU 91.7. and KRSC 91.3.   

  "Blue Eyed Soul" featured on Oklahoma Rock Show KOSU 91.7. and KRSC 91.3. 

   "Everyone Steals (When They Fall in Love)" featured on NPR 89.5 Folk Salad. 

from 2017-2019, which got him out of his  comfort zone. He spent those years making new fans in Ohio, and touring extensively. He was wildly inspired by his travels, and recorded countless voice memos of song ideas while on the road. Those ideas would become the songs for his 3rd solo album, “Hymnals From the Plains.” Released on November 12th, 2021, the album is a beautiful blend of soul, blues, gospel, and rock n roll. The album’s lyrics deal with love, loss, and the trials and tribulations of living outside of the lines. It’s a powerful and cinematic take on Gibson’s life. Gibson currently resides in Tulsa, OK, and is writing songs for his 4th studio album. His songs have been featured on NPR and numerous college radio stations. His song "Hymn for America (Change)" was a 2022 runner-up in the International Songwriting Competition for "Social Causes."   

Mark Gibson Music © 2021. Tulsa, OK.

Original. Soulful. Music.

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