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I played over 50 livestream concerts during the pandemic. The weekly series was called "From My Living Room to Yours."  Over that time period, I connected with a lot of people throughout the US. The shows quickly became very interactive. I'd take requests and showcase new and old originals. It became something really special to me. Recently, I've been thinking about how I can connect with people again in a beautiful and unique way. I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if people could request a couple of songs for me to record, and then I'd press the tunes on vinyl?" Well, I'm going for it! If you're interested in having me record two songs for you, then keep reading for more info.


-Order deadline is August 15th.

-$500 per order. Includes one vinyl record and the digital audio files. 

-Chose two songs for me to professionally record.


-Any combination of originals or covers.

Once the recordings are complete, I will send them off to be pressed.

-Your vinyl will be one of one. The cover art will be the same as

everyone else’s, but your recordings will be unique.




"What if I want a cover that you don't know?"

I’ll learn it! No, I won’t charge more to learn a song, but if you chose a cover that you know I already play, you’re just making my life easier. Ha! But I’m thrilled to provide this special recording either way! Just remember, I make covers "my own", but we can talk about the approach/vibe. I want you to be happy! 

"What if I want an original that I've heard live, but you haven't recorded yet?

I'll be happy to record it for you. Everything is in play.


"What will the production be like?"

Production will be minimal. The recordings will be mostly guitar and vocals, but a secondary guitar, percussion, or keys could be added if the tune really calls for it. I can’t do full productions of each song. That wouldn’t be time or cost effective. That being said, if you want a trio or full band version of a song... I’m open to that, but the price will definitely increase. Email me for more info.

​"Will you sign my copy?" 

Of course! Just specify that when you make your order.


"Once I've placed my order, when can I expect to receive my vinyl?"

Once a vinyl is purchased I need (up to) 60 days to learn/compose/record it and another 6-10 weeks for pressing. The ordering window ends on August 15th, because I want to make sure these are all available by Christmas. If you are wanting this for a gift and need it to be done by a certain date, we can discuss options. For example, I can make the digital versions available first, and then the vinyl will come afterwards. I’ll do my best to accommodate everyone! 


"What if I only want a digital copy of the recordings?"

You don't have any interest in a vinyl record? I'd be happy to just give you the digital recordings for a rate of $400. 

"What if I want multiple copies of my vinyl to give out to family and friends?" 

I can do that! The overall cost will increase, but the more vinyl you order, the cheaper each vinyl gets. I can provide these rates if interested. 

To order, email me at, or fill out the form below. Thank you!




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